SAREG is a group of fully qualified chartered accountants and as such our fee structure is based on our experience and our expert’s qualifications or competencies. We have many local clients and it is good to be able to meet face-to-face to discuss requirements, as well as for the end-of-year meeting to go through your accounts. As we have offices across the Haute-Savoie, including one that is half an hour from Geneva, we are accessible to much of the French Alps and surrounding regions.


How does it happen?

We do prefer to arrange meetings in one of our offices for an initial consultation related to setting up in business, as this type of consultation is so much more efficient than by telephone. However, since the Covid pandemic, we have become used to carrying out our consultations via video conference. We charge an initial consultation fee, which is generally in the region of 350 Euros + VAT for the first discussions related to any project but this fee could be higher if further research and/or advice is requested after an initial consultation.

In general, our charges are calculated on an hourly rate basis and therefore depend on who is dealing with the client file. The fees range from around 45 Euros per hour for an accounts clerk to 160 Euros per hour for a chartered accountant, with intermediary fees of 90-120 Euros per hour for accountants, tax specialists and other specialist non-accountancy matters in English. It may well be that during a year someone from each of these fee levels will work on the same file and this is why it is not easy to give a fixed quote in advance. However, generally our chartered accountants can give a guideline figure for annual accountancy fees according to experience – these guidelines are based on time spent preparing the end of year accounts and dealing with tax returns; therefore for any additional queries or assistance with matters outside of the annual accounts, the relevant hourly rate would be applied and an additional fee charged should the initial guideline budget be exceeded.