Jun 14 2017
Thank you to all our current and prospective clients for their patience regarding the recent busy financial year-end period.
Mar 9 2016
2016 French Finance Law
Here are the main pointers from the 2016 French Finance Law, related to taxation for individuals.
Sep 28 2015
Come and work with our English-speaking team!
We are currently looking for both accounting and secretarial staff who are fluent in both French and English...
Sep 18 2015
Don't forget to bring your situation up-to-date with regards to registration...
Aug 20 2014
The auto entrepreneur and micro entrepreneur are to be merged by the end of December 2014 to make one single micro tax regime
Jan 22 2014
NEW VAT RATES for 2014
Another increase in VAT and no reduction in the special reduced rate, even though it was suggested this might happen
Jan 22 2014
Auto Entrepreneur regime changes for 2014
Find out about the changes in turnover thresholds and social charges rates for Auto Entrepreneurs, valid from 1 January 2014
Nov 28 2012
French Property Taxes
It is that time of the year where tax bills seem to arrive on the doorstep - just when you thought you'd paid one, along comes another! It can be so confusing - what do each of these bills relate to? Read on to find an explanation of the three main property taxes in France.
Sep 11 2012
Further modifications to 2012 French Finance Law
After much debate over the summer, the new French government has adopted some further modifications to the 2012 French Finance Law, some of which will seriously affect non-residents with second homes in France and particularly those who earn an income from property rental.

Sep 6 2012
Capital Gains Tax for Non-Residents
With the recent changes introduced by both the last French government and the more recent Hollande government, we thought it would be useful to summarise the details of Capital Gains Tax in France and how it could affect you should you wish to sell your property either now or in the future.